Engagement shoot
     Congratulations on your engagement! What better way to celebrate than with an intimate shoot designed around your individual personalities. Romantic, artistic, silly, we cover it all!


Save the Date magnets
     Pick out your favorite engagement photo and place it on cute 5.5x4in magnets designed by KSP for all your future guests to easily remember your special date.


     Why should I have this part covered, you ask. This has got to be the least stressful part of the wedding. Butterflies flowing, goofy bridal party moments, bloopers. confusion and the realization that tomorrow, yes, tomorrow is the BIG DAY. Lots of fun emotions are captured at this time.


Getting Ready
     Many brides opt out of this and regret it in the end. This is a perfect way the capture the emotions before the wedding. Mommy's tears, brides' laughter, flower girl being adorable in her new dress, too much is missed by skipping this great opportunity. Don't forget those goofy guys! Want to see how your future hubby was ACTUALLY feeling before the wedding? Brides- No, he was not calm, he was just as anxious as you!


     This is a given. No one wants to miss the opportunity of capturing the moment your eyes lock onto your future hubby and realize today is day 1 of being hubby and wife. Brides & Grooms- We ask that no guests be moving around in the isles taking photos during this time. Guest flashes and moving bodies can be a problem for our photos due to our specific camera settings tailored perfectly for the ambient surroundings.


Post Shoot
     Time for bridal party photos! Intimate, classic, creative, fun, cute photos to remember your amazing day.


     Let the celebrating begin! From the grand entrance to the tearful daddy/daughter dance  to the cake fight, everything is covered! We even set up a quant area to snap some nice photos of your guests. We don't leave till the party ends.


Wedding album
     A classic way to share your memories. This printed album comes in 15 or 30 double sided pages.


Revive the dress
     Endless creativity in the making. After your special day and/or honeymoon let's have some creative fun taking your dress into some spectacular places. Some brides and grooms will even go as far to jump into a water to get awesome shots!

USB Thumbdrive with all photos
     It's your day! And unlike many wedding photographers we give you a USB Drive with ALL photos from your special day with a limited printing release!


Wedding day photos put to music (DVD)
     Try to choke back the tears with this emotional DVD of your day placed to your favorite songs. An entertaining way to view and share your wedding day.

Thank you cards
     Your guests had a blast and so did you! Thank them with these lovely one of a kind cards created by KSP with a special message and your favorite photo from your day. Beautiful keep sake for your guests.

     We offer various print sizes and packages.

*** Your special day is covered by two photographers

For pricing/package info, please contact us!